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Keep food safe over the school holidays

If you are heading off for a BBQ or picnic during the school holidays be aware of good food handler choices. The weather may be not as hot as in summer but the rules are still the same.
1. Practice good hygiene and hand-washing techniques when serving and cooking food outdoors. For instance, keep a jug of soapy water on hand, or use disinfecting wipes to wash hands before cooking, handling food or to clean picnic tables.
2. Ensure you keep foods cold. Make sure you have enough ice in the esky before heading to the park.
3. Pay attention to the eating environment. Throw disposable table cloths over picnic tables or take something along to clean the table surfaces and even the BBQ may need a clean.
4. Don’t leave food in vehicles, even if it’s in esky. Take it out of the car and put it under the shade. Esky’s under shade will keep food cooler longer than if they’re out in the sun.
5.  Take care of leftovers. Consider how long they’ve been sitting out and think about whether it’s safe to take home to consume. As soon as people are done eating, put food back into esky. If you want to snack on it later, you can take it back out of the esky.

Washing your hands, be aware of cross contamination and keep food out of the danger zones should ensure you have a safe and healthy picnic.