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Learn how to Deal With Intoxicated Persons with the Queensland RSA Online Course

 Working in the hospitality industry is exciting and fun. An added bonus is that this sector has numerous opportunities for gainful employment. However, there are obligations that hospitality workers have to uphold, and the most important one of these is knowing how to properly distribute and serve beverages that contain alcohol. Every country has its own guidelines with regard to how staff serves alcohol, and Australia is no exception. Employees in this field have to get certified in the area in which they live. This accreditation is called the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and it must be obtained from an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In Queensland, CFT QLD, offers the Queensland RSA online, as well as in-person training.

If you’re thinking about obtaining an RSA certificate, there are three ways to get your training. The first one is by attending an institution and receiving class instruction in-person from an accredited training institution; the second method is by taking it via correspondence from an approved training organisation; the last and easiest way is by taking the Queensland RSA online course.

Most people, love the idea of taking the Queensland RSA online classes because of how easy it is to get trained. If you plan on getting a certificate by taking online RSA training, below are some points you need to know before you start.

All individuals have to have an RSA certificate to work in any establishment that sells alcohol in Queensland. However, this does not only include the actual waiting staff and servers. It also includes any staff related to the sale of alcoholic beverages. Such as managers, club directors, security officers, volunteers, and promotional staff. Each of these individuals needs Queensland RSA online training, or by way of the other methods mentioned above.

What the Queensland RSA Online Course Teaches

The course teaches the following:

·         Regulations and laws when it comes to distributing and consuming alcoholic beverages

·         The proper way to prepare and serve drinks responsibly

·         The responsibilities of the suppliers and servers

·         How to recognise when someone is intoxicated

·         How to properly go about refusing service

Various topics are discussed during the Queensland RSA online course. Basically, the training provides extensive information on topics related to the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Taking the course yourself over the internet is also cheaper when compared to the in-person training, making it much more economical and convenient.

It is important to note that the RSA course does not train individuals to become bartenders. That is a different type of course altogether. Although it is sometimes required in addition to obtaining the Queensland RSA online, or in-person course, if an individual wants to work behind the bar, making the drinks. The purpose behind RSA training is to teach employees how to avoid problems that happen when patrons drink too much alcohol.

If you would like to register for the Queensland RSA online course, or if you want more information on this course and other related courses, you can visit us online at http://www.cftqld.com.au/