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Learn How a Food Handling Course Will Get You into the Industry

With over 19 million cases of food poisoning and food borne illnesses each year in Australia, it is imperative that all food handlers, kitchen staff, and anyone walking into a food prep area have a food handling course certification. Following all regulations and procedures regarding food safety is the only way to ensure public safety, as well as a successful and trustworthy enterprise. Having a staff knowledgeable in food handling is the only way for any business in the food service industry to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria to unsuspecting customers and patients. When food is improperly stored or prepared then everyone is at risk.

Proper food storage is the starting point when learning about safe food handling practices. Different products must be stored at different temperatures according to set guidelines and rules to make sure their shelf life is managed and maintained in the correct way. Products must be rotated, with older products to the front so that they are used first, and all newer stock is placed in the back for use after the earlier dated foods are used. All of this is done in order to reduce waste, keep patrons safe from bad food, and to avoid a rising cost in food. A food handling course also covers all the proper ways to go about food preparation, including ways to avoid cross contamination between products like meat and dairy, the correct sanitization practices for food prep surfaces and utensils, plus what internal temperatures are safe for consumption. These are just a few of the practices that are covered in a reputable food handling course.

In order to obtain certification in a food handling course, all you need is the commitment to get it done, and the time of just one afternoon, or a few hours on your own time. It’s now as easy as ‘point and click’ to get started on a new career path. Course providers can be found online; accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Once you have registered and officially enrolled (the process typically only takes a few minutes), you will be issued a user ID to log in and out of your food handling course. If you are unable to complete your course in one sitting, all you have to do is simply log out, and return when you are ready and able to finish it. If you are able to complete the entire class at once, you are immediately technically certified, and to save time and money, you can print your certificate at once. It’s completely possible to be certified by the afternoon.  

In order to work in any Australian food service establishment, one must hold a food handling certificate. From the head chef, to the line cook, to the person selling the food, the food handling course is essential. Whether you are touching plates, or stepping into a food preparation area, you must be trained in all of the appropriate areas of food safety. Public safety is the foundation of any successful service establishment. The certifications are easily obtained so either you or your staff can be ready to get working and on the road to success.

If you are ready to get started with your food handling course, visit us here at CFT QLD to get the best training available in the food service industry, and at an affordable price.