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The Many Things a Food Safety Supervisor Course can Offer

Most people know that the five second rule is a big fat lie, a crutch to aid the rescue of that last piece of cheesecake you just knocked off the coffee table.  However, the majority of us probably wouldn’t hesitate to eat the same piece of cake if it momentary slipped off the side of a plate and made contact with the kitchen counter.  Huge mistake!  As broadcasted on CBS news, the average kitchen counter contains more germs than the most disgusting place you can think of in your home – the toilet seat.  If people rely on you for answers in the food provision industry, consider a food safety supervisor course to equip you with the knowledge to bust common misconceptions like this one which can put the health of many at risk.

A food safety supervisor course teaches you much more than basic food hygiene.  A nationally accredited curriculum like CFT QLD’s will include a wide area of advanced topics like dealing with food allergies, food sourcing and the responsible service of alcohol. 

As an experienced food handler, whether you aim to be the manager of a restaurant or leader of a food production team, it is expected that you have an in-depth knowledge of all things concerning hygiene in the kitchen.  Common questions that you might expect to receive are “this fruit platter has been sitting here for 2 hours, is it still safe to serve?” or “what temperature should we set the industrial refrigerator at?”  In the fast paced food service environment you want to know that your skills are sharp and you have all the answers at your fingertips.  CFT QLD is at the upper echelon of food safety offering a food safety supervisor course with specialisations tailored to your industry.  Study with CFT QLD to become the master of your domain in retail and hospitality, food processing or health and community service.  

Whether it’s required by your current or potential employer or your quest for food safety literacy is intrinsically motivated, CFT QLD offers a wide range of specialised courses that cover all the bases, including:

  • National Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Safety Supervisor Course
  • National Responsible Gambling Service
  • Client Liaison Officer
  • RMLV training
  • Workplace Rehabilitation
  • Return to Work Coordinator
  • Hotel Housekeeping Essentials

If you have a business in the food production, serving or display industries and you want to ensure that your staff adheres to excellent standards of service, consider inviting CFT QLD to teach an in-house food safety supervisor course.  This is a very flexible option available for groups and can be taught at your business site or any location that is convenient for you.

When it comes to building a solid reputation as a public food provider, a track record of excellent food safety can’t be underestimated.  Invest the time now to take a food safety supervisor course and reap the rewards of happy, healthy customers down the road.  No one beats CFTQLD in breadth of industry knowledge and student support.  Friendly support staff will guide you through the process and assist you with same-day certification.  It’s everything you need to be a food safety guru, all on one convenient place.