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Melbourne Cup Food Poisoning at 40 Locations

Over 220 people have reported being very ill and one elderly lady has died linked to Salmonella which occurs particularly in meats such as chicken, pork, beef and in egg products. In this case it is believed it is eggs from another supplier. It is common in the warmer months for Salmonella outbreaks to occur. Over 770 people were exposed at catered Melbourne Cup functions around Brisbane CBD.


Salmonella can occur in egg products. "Those products are often part of a catered meal, so sometimes in small amounts in different dishes. If you're sick, check with the doctor for fever and diarrhoea”, stated Dr Susan Vlac, Director of the Metro North Public Health Unit.


Piccalilli Catering co-owner Helen Grace has expressed her deep regret at what has occurred.

"We are deeply upset and distressed by this outcome," she said in a statement.

"We always pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest Australian ingredients for our kitchens.

"We feel very disappointed and let down that the normally reliable fresh food supply chain has failed us – and our clients – on this occasion."

Investigations are ongoing with egg supplier.



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