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A must for your business is to embrace mobile technology

Mobile apps are not only transforming the way a business within the hospitality industry is managed, but also the experience for the customer and how they interact and communicate with the business.

In a country such as Australia where there is a very high smartphone penetration rate, Australian business owners who are yet to embrace the 'mobile revolution' are in grave danger of being left behind.

Market research shows that mobiles are fast becoming the go-to device for content consumption and communication. It is predicted that, by 2018, more than 50% of mobile device users will go directly to a smartphone or tablet for all searches and activity.

This research shows that hospitality business owners have a clear opportunity to improve business productivity, improve sales and establsih stronger relationships with potential and current customers.

Many are already realising the benefits of business productivity apps to assist with their daily workflow. The apps that are specifically useful for the hospitality include Xero and MYOB for accounting, ShiftPlanning and ShiftNote for management of rosters, Memonic for manager collaboration and CanGrade as a full-service hiring platform.

Apps are fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with both new and existing customers and vice versa. They have ultimately brought restaurants and cafes closer to the customer whilst transforming the customer experience.

They are also enabling businesses to reach new customers, optimise the use of tables, reduce their labour costs and promote specials during slower periods, which will ultimately increase profits.

As always in the hospitality industry, it's important to adapt to survive.


Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 4 August 2015