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17 People Fall ill after Eating at SA Bakery

A pregnant woman is among 17 people to fall ill after eating salmonella-infected chicken purchased from a SA bakery. Alicia Cole is one of three South Australians who required treatment in hospital after eating the contaminated meat, South Australia Health has confirmed.

Ms Cole fell ill after eating a chicken and salad sandwich purchased by her partner from Gawler South Bakery. A number of other cases of salmonella poisoning have emerged in the last fortnight after patrons had eaten at the same bakery.

Sandwiches, wraps and focaccias are among the suspect food items sold by the bakery which is located in a small town on the outskirts of Adelaide.  The chicken in these products is cooked and shredded on site it has been confirmed.

All related aspects of food production have since been suspended, as SA Health conducts an investigation into the cause of the contamination.

A representative said it is committed to enforcing proper sanitation measures at the bakery. It is noted however that the business continues to sell a number of cooked products.

A woman has since posted to Facebook, complaining that several members of her family also fell ill after eating at the Gawler South Bakery. “I loved your bakery until three members of my family got salmonella over Christmas,” she wrote. "We just got our eight-year-old, two-and-a-half-year-old and her dad out of hospital."

It has been revealed that last October eight of Gawler South Bakery’s customers reported being struck down with the illness but, in this case, SA Health chose not to investigate.

Hopefully after this latest outbreak the SA authorities will ensure that the correct hygiene and food safety procedures are now being followed by the bakery.



Source  :  National 9 News, 30 December 2017