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4 year old girl suffers facial burns at Sydney teppanyaki restaurant

16th December, 2015

A four year old girl has been taken to hospital after suffering burns to her face and body at the Japanese Wharf Teppanyaki restaurant in central Sydney on Sunday night. The girl was with her family at the restaurant on Lime Street at King Street Wharf when she was burnt by an open flame around 7pm.

Shocked staff and patrons called paramedics who treated the girl for burns to her forehead, cheeks and shoulders before taking her to Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick in a serious condition.

Teppanyaki restaurants allow diners to sit around an open hot plate as a chef prepares and cooks their meals in front of them. Wharf Teppanyaki restaurant is part of the renowned Kobe Jones chain of restaurants. On its website photos and videos clearly show flames shooting high into the air as diners sit around the central kitchen watching their meal being cooked.

The restaurant says on its website that it offers a "contemporary, interactive and fun dining experience using the latest induction technology and all-ceiling hoods, with the tables being designed so that you can see and participate in the creation of your meal, all in absolute comfort.”

No doubt part of the allure of the teppanyaki experience is to watch the chef's knife and cooking skills while your meal is being prepared in front of you. This, however, is a very serious incident that warrants further investigation, which it will no doubt receive. No one in the hospitality industry wishes to cause physical harm to its diners and this incident could realistically prove to be catastrophic for this establishment’s continued operation.

The restaurant has been contacted for comment but has made no comment at this time.


Source  :  Sydney Morning Herald, 14 December 2015