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ACT restaurant morally opposed to killing cockroaches!

Vegetarian restaurant Kingsland in the ACT suburb of Dickson was fined $16,000 last week over food safety breaches which included live and dead cockroaches being present inside the restaurant.

A member of the public tipped off health inspectors which resulted in a visit to the premises in April 2013. They recorded twelve breaches of the food act and the restaurant was temporarily closed  for a period of six days.

The owner of the Kingsland venue, Khanh Hoang, said in June 2013 that he was aware of the cockroach infestation but did not wish to do anything about it as it meant "killing little insects." Other breaches included dirty food preparation areas and equipment, food being stored incorrectly and faulty handwashing facilities.

Lawyer for Mr Hoang, Adrian McKenna, said that his client has since appointed a food safety supervisor and employed a pest control team in order to prevent future incidences of this nature. His lawyer added that while Mr Hoang holds strong vegan values he accepts that, in this case, his morals conflicted with food safety standards.

The ACT Magistrates Court charged him with eight violations of the food act, resulting in total fines of $16,000.



Source  :  Canberra Times, 1 February 2015