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ACT's gastro infections 1.5 national average

The infection rate of a key bacteria that causes campylobacter, gastroenteritis was almost 1.5 times the national average last year in the ACT, new data shows.

The ACT have been consistently above the national average since at least 2012 for laboratory confirmed cases of the bacterial infection, with the latest disease data showing Canberra had a rate of 148.6 cases for every 100,000 people, compared to 101.9 across the country.

Hand and food hygiene is an essential part of protecting against bacteria that causes gastroenteritis. Gastro is transmitted contact with infected faeces or vomit, person-to-person, through contaminated food or water, or touching a contaminated surface.  CFT QLD provides nationally recognised food handler and food safety supervisor training online or by correspondence.

Salmonella and campylobacteriosis are two of the most common causes of gastroenteritis in the community.  Salmonella relates to the consumption of undercooked eggs and the campylobacteriosis is linked to undercooked chicken.

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