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Adelaide Casino leaves problem gamblers unattended following automatic alerts

The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies has carried out research for the Independent Gambling Authority, the South Australian gambling regulator responsible for monitoring and controlling casinos, gaming machines, sports betting and commercial lotteries. The study was especially aimed to check on the automatic alerts which are activated after players had spent several hours gaming.

According to the review findings, Adelaide Casino staff left players unattended after a considerable number of alerts were triggered for players who spent at least four hours playing the machines. The same happened with some of the eight-hour alerts.

In addition, around 200 players who activated alerts after about four-hours play at the time when the research was carried out in 2015 were left to continue playing by the casino’s staff. The system failed to record some responses, if any, at the time. According to the researchers, there was a chance that the number of failed responses is larger than the aforementioned number because of the fact that the alerts were responded by double counting staff.

In its study, the Centre revealed that time to respond to four-hour alerts at the Adelaide Casino varied from several minutes to over two hours. For the time being, the casino staff is supposed to respond to such alerts within 15 minutes after an alert is triggered.

As far as six and eight hour alerts are concerned, the study found that 125 people who activated six hour alerts in 2016 and 10 players who activated eight hour alerts over the first three months of 2017 were left unattended by Adelaide Casino staff or there was not a record of any interaction into the system.


Source  :  Casino Guardian, 29 January 2018