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Alcohol fueled violence under control says Mt Isa pubs

Management of MOUNT Isa's pubs and clubs are confident that they are effectively stemming the flow of alcohol-fueled violence incidences on their premises.

The claims come after doctors representing the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons said the closing times of Queensland night life precincts needed to be reduced to 2am to stop the occurrence of injuries sustained by alcohol influenced conflict.

The Buffs Club duty manager Andy Allen said the club's current closing hours on a Friday and Saturday night were already set at 2am and there was no need to change that.

Mr Allen said while the club tended to have the occasional violent incident, they engaged appropriate measures such as suspension of those who broke the club rules.

"There are certain times of the year where we get more incidences than other times, but we have some pretty strict procedures in place so we have it fairly under control," Mr Allen said.

Likewise, joint general manager for the Isa Hotel and Red Earth Hotel Stewart Burchell said it all came down to the responsible service of alcohol.

"You're not going to be able to stop the occasional lunatic, but as a whole I think we have effectively trained our staff to mitigate any alcohol-fuelled violence," Mr Burchell said.

Both managers at the popular night spots said patrons left waiting outside for a taxi often left opportunities open for situations of conflict to arise.

"It costs us an extra $600 per week to pay our security personnel to man the cab rank during closing times," Mr Burchell said.

Mr Allen said the Buffs Club used a courtesy bus to transport their patrons up until 11pm on a Friday and Saturday night, but anytime after then posed a security risk.


The Northwest Star 27th September 2011