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Aussie farmers experiencing incredible growth in demand for their produce

In light of the recent frozen berry and tuna food poisoning scandals the number of people looking to actively purchase Australian produce has increased dramatically, with food home box deliveries on the Gold Coast experiencing major growth over recent times.

The communications manager of Aussie Farms Direct Richard Lange, a local home delivery service, indicated that the business is flourishing and said, "We've gone from having zero customers to servicing 6000 houses in the last four years. We aim to serve 2% of the population but on the Gold Coast we believe we can pick up more."

One of the big motivators for customers was that they were able to purchase Australian-grown produce at a reasonable price that was fair and sustainable for farmers as well.

Since the berry hepatitis A scare, Mr Lange that contact with the company through social media channels was up 500% and that traffic to their website had risen 200%.

"It's about safe food - it's very much on our customers' minds. People want better quality and they're buying with us because they support farmers. We share our margin with farmers. We want them to receive a sustainable price. Our customers know it's Australian - there's no frozen berries, no Chinese garlic," he said.


Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 10 March 2015