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Avoid Eating Spanish Mackerel on North Coast NSW

Due to an increased risk of ciguatera poisoning, the NSW Food Authority is advising people to avoid eating Spanish Mackerel above 10kgs.

Two recent incidents on the mid north and far north coast have been reported and, as a result, commercial fishers, recreational fishers and consumers are being advised not to eat large Spanish Mackerel.

In February, an incident of ciguatera poisoning occurred from a Spanish Mackerel caught on Chaos Reef, South East of Evans Head NSW. Then, on the first weekend in March, a second incident of ciguatera poisoning was reported at Scotts Head, south of Macksville.

There have also been cases of ciguatera poisoning reported to Queensland Health authorities following the consumption of a Spanish Mackerel that was caught on the Gold Coast.


From : Food News NSW,  4 March 2014