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Brisbane karaoke restaurant fined $40,000

A Sunnybank karaoke restaurant licensee has been convicted and fined after already drunk patrons were allowed to keep drinking, an "extremely violent" brawl broke out and cigarettes were stubbed out on the floor.

The Holland Park Magistrates Court this week convicted the restaurant's licensee company on 11 charges under the Liquor Act, fining it $40,000. The approved manager was also convicted on one charge and fined $750. It was the second time the licensee had been convicted and fined but the venue cannot be named under Office of Liquor and Gaming rules.

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation executive director Mike Sarquis said on multiple occasions, the venue manager had allowed alcohol to be consumed by a person who showed clear signs of undue intoxication and, in addition,  alcohol was sold to patrons when the restaurant's liquor licence was suspended.

"The licensee further placed the safety of patron and staff at risk by failing to provide and maintain a safe environment in and around the venue," Mr Sarquis said. "This included patrons rapidly consuming alcohol, alcohol consumption without adequate supervision, staff and patrons smoking indoors, putting out cigarettes on the floor and flicking them across the room, an extremely violent and uncontrolled brawl and a patron passed out for a significant period of time without any medical assistance or checks."

Mr Sarquis said compliance officers found the licensee and venue management had jeopardised the safety of patrons and staff.

"OLGR compliance officers visited the venue in September 2017 as part of a compliance re-inspection, where they identified that CCTV signage was not displayed and CCTV equipment not maintained," he said. "Further investigations revealed a number of significant breaches of the Liquor Act which occurred between August and October last year.

"In addition, the approved manager provided misleading documents to investigators. It was also found that four employees involved in the service or supply of alcohol at the restaurant did not have current Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates for several months."

He said due to the seriousness of the investigation findings and the licensee's history of non-compliance with the Liquor Act, OLGR had no choice but to take enforcement action. "This second conviction and fine serves as a timely reminder to all licensees that we have zero tolerance for this type of behaviour.”


Source  :  Brisbane Times, 8 February 2018