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Careless Cooking and hand hygiene causing food poisoning

OzFoodNet found that careless cooking and hand hygiene is spreading foodborne illness in homes and eateries in the Illawarra and across the state according to a new report.

Vietnamese rolls, Chocolate milk and Spanish mackerel were some of the main offenders causing illness across the state, with oysters and pork liver pate also believed to be culprits.
In one incident, 13 guests at a North Sydney home suffered salmonella poisoning after eating tiramisu made with raw egg; in another, 33 customers at a south-east Sydney bakery fell prey to the same illness thanks to raw egg mayo.

Salmonellosis was the most frequently reported foodborne disease last year with 4317 notifications - a 32 per cent increase on the previous five years.
The salmonella outbreak at aged care facilities throughout the Illawarra in early 2015 - which affected 32 residents, two of whom died - is not within the scope of this study.

The NSW Food Authority tracked the source of the outbreak to a Unanderra bakery which has since shut down. The authority is still investigating whether action should be taken.


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