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Coles and Woolies caught up in salmonella salad scare

Health authorities are trying to narrow down the cause of a salmonella outbreak linked to toxic salad, with the number of victims of the food poisoning topping 54 in Victoria and still climbing.

As a result, both Coles and Woolworths have recalled salad products throughout the country.

Investigators from the health department are trying to ascertain whether the outbreak has been caused by fertiliser, contaminated water or something else altogether. The outbreak, which originated at the Tripod Farmers' Bacchus Marsh farm, has spread to other states and food delivery companies.

Health authorities are conducting urgent talks as they discuss how to best contain the outbreak.

A recall has been issued for brands such as Woolworths salad mix, Supasalad Supamix, Wash N Toss salad mix and Coles 4 leaf mix.

A statement has been released saying that Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania are not affected.


Source  :  Sydney Morning Herald, 5 February 2016