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Deadly mushrooms not Woolies

Reports yesterday that death cap mushrooms purchased from a Woolworths store in Dickson caused severe food poisoning in a Canberra family have proved unfounded.

ACT Health is working closely with both ACT police and Woolworths to investigate the three cases of death cap mushroom poisoning in Canberra but stress that there has been no evidence found in the last 24 hours by ACT police that the death cap mushrooms consumed by the three patients had been purchased from the Woolies store at Dickson.

ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Paul Kelly, "We'd like to acknowledge the swift action taken by Woolworths in response to the initial information about the source of the mushrooms. Two of the patients remain in a stable condition in ACT hospitals and one patient is currently receiving care at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney."

Dr Kelly warned that people should not pick and consume wild mushrooms.

The source of the poisoning is still being investigated.


From : Gold Coast Bulletin, 29th April 2014