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Demand for fresh fruit 'through the roof'

It would be fair to say that the recent imported berry crisis has made Australians more aware of precisely where the foods that they are eating originate.

Demand for fresh fruit and farmer's markets has exploded since the food contamination and hepatitis A scare.

A farmer, Martin Gillday, said, "Everything is pretty much picked the day before the market. I go around on Friday and we pick pineapples, passionfruit, just seasonal fruit and vegetables. We sell what's in season locally."

Many shoppers have indicated that they are now steering clear of produce from the supermarkets and are only buying produce that is organic or fresh fruit and vegatables fruit local markets or stalls.

Emma Morcombe of Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane said that the frozen berry scare had made her realise that the potential for food contamination was more widespread than she originally thought.

"I try to always buy local produce. I always prefer this because I am aware of all the repercussions of buying overseas, imported products. I find that food bought from markets is fresher, it tastes a lot better."


Source  :  The Courier Mail, 1 March 2015