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Dimmi's Top 10 tips for restaurants in 2015

The list of Top 10 tips by the online reservation platform Dimmi is designed to assist restaurants to thrive in 2015 and beyond.

One of the key themes in Dimmi's list is for businesses to embrace technology, with particular attention to social media platforms. It is also noted by them that it is imperative for businesses to make their website mobile compatible as a staggering 42% of web traffic is now coming from mobile devices directly.

Top 10 tips for restaurant operators in 2015: Dimmi

Dimmi's Top 10 tips for Restaurants

  1. Get on Instagram - only 7% of Aussie restaurants are currently using.
  2. Blacklist the frequent no-showers
  3. Embrace online bookings
  4. Create and maintain an exciting Facebook page - use lots of pictures!
  5. Connect to critical booking channels - such as Qantas, Tripadvisor, Yelp
  6. Establish an online diary
  7. Double your database - make yourself known to more people in 2015
  8. Learn as much as you can about your customers - if they feel like a part of your family they will return!
  9. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly
  10. Take customer feedback seriously

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Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 30 January 2015