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Dirty Diner Fined in Frankston

American style Big Dog Diner in Frankston obstructed council inspectors from carrying out an inspection and charged with "obstruction of council officers when undertaking their duties”. Offences  also included a failure “to store food in such a way that it was protected from the likelihood of contamination”, failure “to maintain the food premises to a standard of cleanliness where there was no accumulation of garbage, food waste, dirt, grease or other visible matter” and a failure “to maintain easily accessible hand washing facilities”.  The Diner received $30,000 fine.

Frankston Council acting CEO Tim Frederico confirmed one of the charges “was in relation to obstruction of council officers when undertaking their duties”.

Council works with more than 850 food outlets across Frankston to ensure compliance with food safety rules and regulations.

Source:  The News Bayside 13 June 2017