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Dodgy Perth food outlets cop unprecedented fines

A popular wedding function centre, a bakery in the western suburbs and a Woolworths supermarket have attracted huge penalties for unsafe food hygiene offences.

Mount Claremont Patisserie, a boutique bakery with a 90% Urbanspoon rating, was fined an unprecedented $81,577 after the City of Nedlands took legal action. The business was found to have breached the Food Act by failing basic hygiene and maintenance standards on a routine inspection, as well as having pests on the premises and failing to eradicate said pests.

A popular wedding function centre and seafood restaurant, Golden Ponds, in the south of Perth was fined $73,587 for 19 offences, including labelling food incorrectly and failing to prevent or eradicate the infestation of pests.

The Woolworths supermarket in Noranda was fined $25,672 for selling food that was deemed to be 'unsuitable.' Upon further investigation, it was found that baked goods for sale contained metal from equipment.

A spokesman for Woolworths Limited acknowledged that they had an issue with their Noranda outlet's bakery. He said, "We have replaced the equipment in the storeto ensure that there can be no further incidents of this type."

The City of Bayswater has since confirmed that there have been other food safety complaints made about the Norandah supermarket.


From : WA Today, 25 March 2014