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Doggy Bags

As long as food is safe to consume when you hand it to your customer, then it is not illegal to provide them with a 'doggy bag'.

A recent newsletter issue by Queensland Health says that it is the consumers responsibility to make sure that their food is safe to consume after it leave your business.

They recommend food venues that choose to provide patrons with doggy bags also give them printed directions to ensure safe food management after it leaves their premises.

CFT QLD have developed their own Doggy Bag instructions (click on the image to the left to download), which you can download for free and provide to your patrons, alternatively, ‘Doggy bag’ stickers are available for purchase from the Queensland Government bookshop. The purchase price of doggy bag stickers is $8.47 per roll of 100.

To purchase, go to https://www.bookshop.qld.gov.au/ProdView.aspx?popup=1&Category=SXXD0560&Product=CDOGGY, or phone 13 QGOV (13 7468).

For further information and advice about doggy bags, refer to the Queensland Health food safety fact sheet ‘Food safety information for doggy bags’ at www.health.qld.gov.au/foodsafety.