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Egg Supplier Under Scrutiny for Salmonella Poisoning

A Victorian egg supplier is now under investigation after the salmonella poisoning outbreak that occurred last month at The Copa Brazilian restaurant that put 15 people in hospital the ACT health authorities have announced.

ACT Health have pinpointed raw eggs used in a mayonnaise to be the likely cause of the episode that affected 140 people.

The Canberra Times reports that ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Paul Kelly confirmed that the  investigation had turned to the egg producer who had supplied the eggs to the restaurant.

"We have actually sourced the eggs back to a supplier in Victorian, and our colleagues in Victoria have commenced an investigation of that particular place," Dr Kelly told the Canberra Times.

It was also confirmed that one person was experiencing ongoing joint issues as a result of the salmonella poisoning.

The Copa reopened six days after the incident following after getting the all clear from ACT Health but announced at the time that it would not be putting any dishes containing raw egg back on the menu.

At the height of the investigation, ACT Health had up to 30 people working on the case at any given time. Workers contacted 194 diners, often more than once, and also conducted inspections at the restaurant about the infection.

Dr Kelly has said that he would like to see all restaurants avoid the use of raw eggs. "It was just the raw egg - I really wish people would stop using them," he told the Canberra Times.


Source:   The Canberra Times 6 June 2013