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Exclusive Main Beach Restaurant Saks in hot water over creepy crawlies

In the kitchen of one of the ritziest restaurants on the Gold Coast, Saks at Main Beach, food safety inspectors from the council have allegedly found both dead and live cockroaches, arguably not what you would expect from an exclusive restaurant!

Court documents obtained by The Bulletin indicate that cockroaches were found near both the pizza ovens and in the dry goods storage area. The inspectors also uncovered other potential health hazards which included open food containers left on bench tops, some of which contained raw seafood.

On internal surfaces of the kitchen, accumulated grease, dirt and mould were found. As a result of these health concerns, council issued a breach notice against the restaurant, to which the owner pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced on Wednesday.

Though Saks has been given a clean bill of health in a subsequent inspection, it could still be hit with a large fine. The owner of the restaurant, Saks Investments Pty Ltd, has, through its solicitor, refused to comment about the case.






Source  : Gold Coast Bulletin, Monday 25 August 2014