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Faecal matter is not just confined to the toilet bowl

In news that is sure to turn the sturdiest of stomachs, microscopic remnants of faecal matter have been discovered on hotel TV remotes, basins in aircraft and on toothbrushes!!!

A study in the USA found that over 70% of the handles on shopping trolleys had traces of faeces on them while 50% had Ecoli. A similar study in the UK found Ecoli on one in six mobile phones!

Before you run out and go completely berserk with antibacterial wipes, the risks to your health depends not only on your immune system's ability to fight the effects of the bacteria but also on the amount of bacteria that you are exposed to.

The moral of this story???? Give your hands a wash for at least 60 seconds with warm, soapy water after going to the toilet.



From : Sunday Herald Sun, October 6, 2013