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Food Businesses in Brisbane prosecuted since November 2010

The Brisbane Times have published a list of Food Businesses in Brisbane that have been prosecuted under the Food Act since November 2010. Some of these businesses include:

  • The Bakery Cafe - 12 charges, including presence of vermin faeces found in storage area and open bags of ingredients, vermin faeces found in food preparation areas and presence of rat baits in food areas.
  • The Manor Chinese Seafood Restaurant - 41 breaches, including vermin, defective food storage bins, ineffective food temperature control, unsanitary storage shelving, utensils and cooking equipment.
  • Courtyard Coffee - 29 breaches, including vermin, rodent and cockroach faeces, accumulation of food waste under equipment, accumulation of food residue on internal and external surfaces, unclean and unsanitary cooking utensils and equipment, standard of hygiene at the premises was unsatisfactory.

From: Brisbane Times 11th August 2011.

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