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Food poison list lead by chicken, eggs and meat

This year an average of 30 people per day have been struck down by food poisoning with the main culprits being eggs, chicken and meat.

The massive rise in gastrointestinal illnesses in the state has resulted in an investigation by Queensland Health with the figures expected to increase dramatically with the feasting frenzy that we call Christmas

This year has seen an increase of 1800 cases over 2013 to 5620 cases thus far. More than 4200 people have contracted salmonellosis which is caused by chicken meat and eggs.

Increases in other illnesses such as shigella, ciguatera fish poisoning and yersiniosis have also been noted by Queensland Health.

The majority of the cases have been blamed on a lack of basic kitchen hygiene and poorly stored or prepared food. Particular care is needed when cooking poultry, mince meat, rolled roasts or eggs.


Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 12 December 2014