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Food Safety Declared the Focus of World Health Day

The importance of food safety has once again been highlighted as the World Health Organisation (WHO) dedicates this year’s World Health Day to food safety. New information has revealed the level of harm caused by foodborne illnesses has posed as a global threat caused by unsafe foods.

The WHO emphasises the importance of coordination across the entire food chain supply and reinforces this message with their food safety campaign slogan “Farm to plate, make food safe”.
The WHO is also releasing a report that focuses on the global harm implemented by unsafe foods which states that there is an alarming figure of 582 million cases of foodborne illnesses as a result of ingesting harmful viruses or bacteria with 351, 000 of which resulted in death.
The WHO is also reiterating the importance of food safety by raising awareness as to where food safety can be compromised along the production line as well as the number of diseases that unsafe foods can cause.  The WHO recognises that food safety is not usually held as a priority for many individuals, but hopes to change that by stressing its undeniable importance.


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Source:  WHO