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Gambling campaigns need same effort as anti-smoking campaign!

Stopping problem gambling requires the same commitment as anti-smoking campaigns stresses Jemal Ahmet, a community support agency chief.

Mr Ahmet said that, "Smoking rates are going backwards now because regulation has been targeted. The dangers of smoking have been recognised as critical and costly to communities. The State Government is tending not to act with problem gambling and I think problem gambling has very similar issues associated with it."

He went on further to say that problem gambling was made worse by how easy it is to access venues and how often children are being exposed to gambling so that they think it is 'the norm.'

Many councils, including the Whittlesea council, are beginning to recognise this and are rejecting venues calls for more gaming machines to be allowed at certain premises.

Mayor Ricky Kirkham believes it is important for local councils to stand up for those in the community who are vulnerable.


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Source  : Herald Sun, 28 April 2015