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Gold Coast pokies losses over $30 million per month

THE Gold Coast is the latest area to crack the $30 million in monthly losses on poker machines in the region.

According to state government statistics punters on the Coast lost $30.59 million on gaming machines in July 2017 and $30.8 million in August 2017.

Major David Rogerson, head of the Salvation Army’s Gold Coast Recovery Services, has described the amount as astonishing and extremely concerning. “We cover gambling issues at our centres with people referred to us privately or through doctors services,” he said. “It’s a very subtle addiction in that most forms of gambling are totally legal and it’s one of those unseen things where only the regulars at clubs would see the same person sitting at the same machine day after day with nothing being said about it.It’s not like they are regularly falling over or ending up in hospital.”

Major Rogerson said that society as a whole should be more worried about the figures.

“That’s a lot of money being pulled out of people’s wallets,” he said. “It can’t be just high flyers so you would think it would be impacting on household budgets that sort of money.”


Source : Gold Coast Bulletin, 1 October 2017