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Greater numbers of young Australians preloading and getting drunk

In the past year, the number of young Australians that are drinking to get drunk rose by an alarming 60%, while 73% admitted to preloading on alcoholic drinks at home before going out. These figures were collated during a comprehensive survey of Australian's drinking habits.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) released its latest annual alcohol poll which showed that 57% of young people had drank in 2015 with the intention of getting drunk compared with 50% in 2014.

One quarter of 18 to 34 year olds had drunk enough to vomit while 9% had actually passed out.

Caterina Giorgi, FARE's policy officer, said that the results would support their assertions that the current policy promoting the 'responsible service of alcohol' was a 'complete failure.'

"If these people are turning up to licensed venues drunk, then according to our laws and responsible service, they should not be let in the door," she said. Alarmingly only 38% of young people in the past year had been asked for ID at a bar, club or pub while only 42% had been asked for proof of age at bottle shops.

Ms Giorgi said that new approaches were required that spell out in plain language the recommended guidelines of two standard drinks a day, with no more than four drinks to be consumed.

Encouragingly, of the 73% of people that reported seeing alcohol advertising during the past year, 69% of these considered the advertising to be inappropriate. Some of the suggested improvements included increasing the number of police on the streets, banning alcohol advertising on public transport and no alcohol advertising to be shown on television until after 8.30pm when most children will be in bed.

CEO of FARE, Michael Thorn, said that the results indicate that Aussies want to see change.


Source  :  The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 April 2015