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Holidaymaker in hospital for 4 days with food poisoning at Mexican hotel

An English holidaymaker on a birthday break in a Mexican hotel who was left needing hospital treatment after being struck down by food poisoning has been awarded compensation.

Natalie Daymond said that her holiday was ruined after falling ill with diarrhoea and severe illness at the hotel near Cancun. 27 year old Natalie claimed that the three-star hotel had served up pink chicken, had filthy bedsheets and bedrooms and re-used foods during meal times.

Following her stay at the three-star hotel in 2010, Miss Daymond, who still suffers gastric problems, instructed personal injury lawyers to begin an investigation into the conditions that she faced.

Along with being diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, caused by eating E.coli-infected food according to paramedics, she suffered bouts of vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and back pain. The tour operator Thomas Cook would not agree on a settlement that reflected the severity of her illness.

Before the commencement of the three day trail last month, Thomas Cook agreed to pay Natalie damages, the amount of which was undisclosed.

A specialist travel lawyer, Jennifer Downing, said that, "Natalie suffered gastric symptoms during her stay at the Barcelo Costa Hotel that continue to affect her life now. It is essential that food hygiene and health guidelines are followed by hotels to keep their guests safe. Tour operators have a duty to ensure the hotels that they work with are up to standard."


Source  :  Daily Mail UK, 13 August 2014