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Hot water for Sydney noodle manufacturer

A Sydney noodle manufacturer has been fined a total of $27,000 after pleading guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court to thirteen charges relating to failures in hygiene and harbouring pests on food premises.

Ba Can Lieu, trading as MC Yee Noodle Factory, was fined $27,000 and ordered to pay $9000 in professional costs after failing to comply with the Food Standards Code.

NSW Food Authority officers who inspected the premises noted there was pest, rodent and cockroach activity within the food processing and storage areas. In addition food wasn’t adequately protected from potential contamination and surfaces, fittings, fixtures and equipment were unclean with accumulation of food waste, grease, oil and other visible matter.

NSW Food Authority acting CEO Dr Craig Shadbolt said the court result served as a reminder to all food businesses and individuals as to why food safety systems are crucial.

“This really is a reminder for businesses to put some thought to upholding the highest food safety standards, if you do the wrong thing you will suffer the consequences,” said Shadbolt. “We demand a high level of food safety is upheld across the food supply chain because it serves as an important protection measure of public health.

“NSW consumers deserve to have confidence in knowing the food they purchase is safe to eat and will cause no harm to them or their family.”


SourceOpen House Foodservice, 20 September 2017