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Hotel owner fined for serving alcohol to a drunk patron

A Gympie hotel has found itself in court for providing alcohol to a patron that was already drunk.

The licensee of the Royal Hotel and a female bartender pleaded guilty in the Gympie Magistrates Court last week to supplying liquor to an intoxicated person. While the licensee was fined $1500 the employee was placed on a six-month good behaviour bond with a recognisance of $600 with no conviction recorded for either party.

This serves as a timely reminder to all venues and their employees that allowing already intoxicated patrons to continue to be supplied with or consume alcohol can result in severe consequences.

The court heard that while the patron was initially refused service by the employee, the employee was subsequently seen serving alcohol, including shots, to the patron.

Executive Director of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) Mike Sarquis said that, "Serving liquor to someone who is already unduly intoxicated is dangerous for the patron, for staff and for other people at the venue. It's mandatory for staff who are involved in the service or supply of alcohol to complete responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training with a registered training provider and to follow those laws at all times."

OLGR investigators at the hotel when the incident took place noted that neither staff, management nor security made any effort to stop the patron from consuming liquor while he was unduly intoxicated.



Source  :  Sunshine Coast Daily, 12 May 2015