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  • Melbourne Restaurant ordered to shut due to cockroach infestation

    The temporary shutdown of Southbank restaurant and bar has been ordered by the CEO of Melbourne City due to its appalling conditions which had led to an infestation of cockroaches.

  • Recalls

    NSW Food Authority advises the following products have been recalled:

    The Original Smoke and Spice Company has recalled its Smoked Sea Salt/Gourmet Seasoning sold direct to consumers due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (soy)
    Consumers can return the product to the place of purchase or contact the importer or company for a full refund.

  • Unsavoury practices revealed by food checks

    In the past 6 years nearly 300 greengrocers, delis and supermarkets have been slapped with fines for bugs, rodents, filth and expired food according to data from the NSW Food Authority.

  • Dodgy Perth food outlets cop unprecedented fines

    A popular wedding function centre, a bakery in the western suburbs and a Woolworths supermarket have attracted huge penalties for unsafe food hygiene offences.

  • Unchanged Club Hours

    Under the Queensland Government's Safe Night Out Strategy, party-goers who get out-of-control and the licensed venues that serve them will be put on notice.

  • Avoid Eating Spanish Mackerel on North Coast NSW

    Due to an increased risk of ciguatera poisoning, the NSW Food Authority is advising people to avoid eating Spanish Mackerel above 10kgs.

    Two recent incidents on the mid north and far north coast have been reported and, as a result, commercial fishers, recreational fishers and consumers are being advised not to eat large Spanish Mackerel.

  • Pubs in Sydney on the Brink due to Lockouts

    As a result of the new lockout measures in Sydney that came into effect this week, many clubs and pubs face possible closure.

    David Sylvester, a hospitality legal expert from Sylvester & Browne Solicitors, said that in recent weeks he had spoken extensively with owners of clubs and pubs that lie both within the precinct and outside of it.

  • Fine Food Queensland Returns to Brisbane 2014

    An incredible opportunity to bite into something local when the Fine Food Queensland event rolls back into Brisbane in April!

  • Cockcroaches run wild in a Popular Main Beach Restaurant

    A restauranteur was fined $20,000 for breaches under the Food Act, with the maximum penalty being $50,000.

  • Ciguatera poisoning from mackerel caught on Gold Coast

    Fisherman are being warned to throw back large mackerel weighing in excess of 6kg, and to avoid eating the head, fish roe and all internal organs as this toxin is concentrated.

    Noel Brindley together with 3 others shared a large 12-15kg spanish macherel caught last week whilst fishing on the Gold Coast.  They suffered gastro-like symptons, fainting, extreme itching.