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  • QLD OLGR Increase penalty unit to $110

    Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) have increased the value of a penalty unit, effective from 21st August 2012.

    The penalty unit has increased 10%, from $100 to $110 per unit.

  • Vaccine Close for Food Poisoning Bug

    A vaccine that protects people from the bacteria that poisons people through contaminated chicken is being researched and developed on the Gold Coast by Griffith University's Institute of Glycomics researchers.

    According to the World Health Organisation statistics, if the vaccine in successful, it would help an estimate 10% of the worlds population each year.

  • Queensland Gaming Employees license no longer required.

    The Queensland government has announced that the Gaming Employees License is no longer required for staff to work in the club and hotel gaming areas. Staff who work in gaming areas and carry out gaming duties are still required to undertake a Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) approved Responsible Service of Gambling Training Course.

  • Foster Clark’s dairy desserts recalled

    Foster Clark's dairy desserts (Cerebos (Australia) Ltd) have been recalled due to the possibility of small pieces of plastic in their product. This particullary hazardous to young children due to the choking hazard.

    The recalled products are:

  • Australians shun ‘dirty and menial work’ – tourism operators look to Asia

    A "Hansonite view of the world" is holding us back from allowing larger numbers of working holiday-makers from countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, Tourism and Transport Forum chief executive John Lee said yesterday.

  • Eggs to blame for food poisoning?

    Salmonella poisoning at the Burleigh Bears Leagues Club is being investigated after one person was hospitalised after eating a ceasar salad at the club around three weeks ago.

    Another two patrons suffered a bad bout of food poisoning as a result. The salmonella infection is believed to have come from the eggs in the salad.

  • Enough is Enough - Doctors are Fed up with booze fuelled violence

    Doctors are backing a heavier alcohol tax, earlier closing hours, a raise for the minimum drinking age, watered down alcopops and shaming drunk dads saying that ‘enough is enough’ of Australia’s ‘incredibly dumb drinking culture’.

  • Results to be displayed for Cairns food businesses

    Despite the fact that a food business was shut down and two received penalties last year over food hygiene  issues, they are protected from being publicly named and shamed by the current laws.

  • School Lunches get an overhaul

    Simple days of writing your lunch on a brown paper bag with the loose change floating around in it are gone... extravagant lunches, fancy breakfasts and special snacks are what most Gold Coast tuckshops are serving these days.

  • Watch your drinks!

    The number of Gold Coast women need medical assistance in pubs and clubs is growing, sparking fears from Gold Coast Health Officials that drink spiking is rising.

    There has been at least one female a week required assistance from the Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence, according to director Di Macleod.