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  • Young women hitting the booze and injuring themselves in record numbers

    A new national study has found that the number of women who are presenting at emergency departments with alcohol-related injuries is increasing at an alarming rate.

  • Potato and mushroom curry almost proves fatal

    Rajiv Kaur had been so excited to eat her mother's traditional potato and mushroom curry as it was an old favourite that reminded her so much of home. For such a simple home cooked meal to put Rajiv's life in danger almost defies belief but that is what happened.
  • Product Recalls - June

    The NSW Food Authority advises that the following product has been recalled :


    • Woolworths Select Chicken and Vegetable Pie 4pack  -  700g, green packaging, best before dates 9 October 2016 through 10 October inclusive.


  • Dangers of gambling highlighted to teenagers

    Teens and their parents from the Illawarra region have been the focus of a campaign this week to create awareness of and highlight the potential impacts for young people of gambling and gambling advertising.

  • Gambling campaigns need same effort as anti-smoking campaign!

    Stopping problem gambling requires the same commitment as anti-smoking campaigns stresses Jemal Ahmet, a community support agency chief.

  • Do you want fines with that?

    A Surders Paradise Brazilian restaurant and its two directors were fined $30,000 after multiple inspections from October 2013 until August 2014.


    The restaurant was found to have cockroach faeces on the wall, a hand-basin that had been disconnected to store ice, and disconnected and open waste pipes.


  • Product Recalls - May

    The NSW Food Authority advises that the following product has been recalled :


    • La Famiglia Kitchen Stone Baked Sourdough (Garlic)  -  480g in plastic packaging, with 'use by' date 23 May 2015


  • Budget will reduce costs for restaurant sector

    John Hart, CEO of Restaurant & Catering Australia (R & CA), has indicated that the hospitality industry will receive significant benefits from the new Budget with a reduction in the company tax rate of 28.5% for those businesses that have a turnover of less than $2 million, while those businesses that are unincorporated will ge eligible for an annual 5% tax discount of up to $

  • Poker machines just 'part of becoming an adult' for 18 to 24 year olds

    Adults 25+ know that poker machines are programmed to take more money than they give out, that's simply a given. For many adults 18 - 24 however whose brains are yet to fully develop, this reality is lost on them. This age group spends more on poker machines than any other age group according to recent statistics.