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  • Tax windfall for SA from interstate online gambling companies

    A decision has been made that will allow state governments to charge online gambling companies tax based on the location of the gambler rather than where the head office of the company is located.

  • Crack down by Gold Coast restaurant inspectors

    Food safety inspectors in Queensland could be forgiven for thinking that they were in the kitchens of third world countries when they encountered a rat running loose in an oven as well as a pasta-making machine with rodent droppings in it. The list of complaints and offences is indeed long and honestly makes the stomach churn ...

  • Top Gold Coast restaurant slapped with $20,000+ fine for continued food safety breaches

    Southport's Top One Chinese restaurant has been served a fine of $22,500 plus costs for breaches that can only be described as a menu of monstrosities following raids by health inspectors from the Gold Coast City Coucil.

    The licensee of the restaurant, Ricky Kwok Fai Wong, appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on Friday to enter a guilty plea to breaches of the Food Act.

  • Product Recalls - April

    The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products from David Jones Pty Ltd have been recalled :


    • Hotel Chocolat Milk-Free Goose Egg  -  400g, 1 large almond chocolate egg and various pieces of almond chocolate puddles, all 'Best Before' dates


  • Breaching 1.30am lockout leads to fine for Sydney hotel

    Licensee of the CBD venue Hotel Chambers, Chady Khouzame, has pleaded guilty in the local court to breaching the 1.30am lockout by allowing two patrons into the hotel after 1.30am.

  • Only a matter of time until blanket smoking ban in Melbourne outdoor dining areas

    Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor of the city of Melbourne, has indicated that the city will soon move to join other capital cities in Australia and ban smokers from lighting up in any public area where food is served. This includes all restaurants, cafes and beer gardens.

  • Product Recalls - March (2)

    The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


    • Mini Gem Cookies  -  120g in plastic bag, 'best before' dates from 21/04/15 to 07/06/15 inclusive


  • Product Recalls - March

    As a direct result of two salmonella outbreaks in recent weeks (one at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and the other at the Grocer & Grind Cafe on the Gold Coast), the NSW Food Authority advises that RL Adams Pty Ltd has issued a voluntary recall of its products due the eggs being dirty (potential for microbial contamination).

  • Dodgy training providers in for a shock from 1st April, 2015

    New Government rules effective from 1st April, 2015 will see a crackdown on dodgy training providers who have been providing 'incentives' such as cash and iPads in order to entice students to enrol with their organisation.

  • Salmonella outbreak at Gold Coast cafe

    After eating at the organic health food cafe Grocer and Grind in Broadbeach last week, more than 20 of the cafe's diners were struck down with suspected salmonella poisoning.