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Keep food safely during blackouts

While Cyclone Yasi didn't hit the Gold Coast, and we narrowly escaped the brunt on the January floods, we are still in the middle of storm season, which means that power outages are not an uncommon occurrence.

This can had a big impact as power outages affect the usual means of refrigeration.

Food-borne illness is common when blackouts occur due to the increased risk of bacterial contamination of perishable foods after hours without refrigeration.

To help keep your food safe during black-out, follow the below simplesteps:

  • Don't open the fridge or freezer door during the power outage.
  • Wash your hands whenever touching foods
  • Keep your cupboards stocked with non-perisable foods
  • Always wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly... even when power is not out
  • Always check expiry dates

To read article in full that appeared in The Gold Coast Bulletin, 8/2/11

 To read additional fact sheets from the Victorian Government Health Information that has been prepared to assist with minimising risks to food safety at such times as power outages.

CFT QLD provide food safety courses online, by correspondence on on-site for groups.