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Keep food safety in mind when packing school lunches

Ask any parent how trying the back to school rush can be at the best of times! Never fear though for there is help at hand when it comes to ensuring that their lunches are packed and stored safely; one less thing to worry about.

Insulated cooler bag

In the first term of school when the months are warmer the risk of food poisoning due to food spoiling is of concern to many parents and teachers says the CEO of the NSW Food Authority Polly Bennett. She says, "It is true that as temperatures rise so does the risk of food poisoning. So the basic rule of thumb is to keep it cool for school in order to reduce that risk."

The NSW Food Authority recommends the following to keep children's lunch boxes safe :

  • it is advisable to freeze drinks and/or water bottles and place them in the luch pack. While they will thaw by lunchtime there will be the added benefit of them assisting to keep their lunches cold
  • look at investing in an ice block and insulated lunch box to keep food cold until lunchtime
  • whole fruits, vegetables, meat and fish in cans, hard cheeses, bread and crackers are all safe without a cold source
  • try and get the children to keep packed lunches out of direct sunlight
  • if possible make the lunches the night before and keep them in the fridge until the last possible minute



Source  :  NSW Food Authority, 21 January 2015