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Keeping Food Safe in School Lunchboxes

Coming into the warmer seasons, your child's school lunchbox can breed harmful and dangerous bacteria... particularly if it is leave out in the sun.

Preventing Food-Borne Illness?

As bacteria require a certain temperature to grow and multiply, using a frozen drink and/or an ick pack in school lunchboxes will assist to keep the food around it below 5 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, there are special products made that will keep food in the safe zone. Foods like sandwiches, dairy products and meats especially need to be kept cool.

Lunchboxes should be washed every single day.

You should always follow basic food hygiene practices when preparing lunches. Hands should be washed with warm soapy water and food should be well washed also.

To prevent cross contamination, use separate chopping boards for meats and if you are cooking foods, make sure you cook them to the correct temperature of 75 degrees Celsius to ensure bacteria is killed. Food should be cooled to below 5 degrees before placing it in your child's lunchbox.

From: By HealthyKids Association - 16th September 2011

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