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KFC Food Poisoning Tradegy

Today tonight aired the below report on May 2nd 2012 on a how a contaminated KFC chicken wrap was ruled to have caused Monika Samaan's lifelong disability. 

This case highlights just how serious food poisoning can be, and with Salmonella cases up 30% in the last year, state council inspectors are more vigilant than ever. In NSW last year 7,000 warnings were issued, 1,400 penalties raised and 12 prosecutions.

Each year there are over 5.4 million cases of food poisoning and 120 deaths. Watch the below video for the full story.  

KFC issued the following statement:

'We feel deeply for Monika and her family but we continue to believe our food is perfectly safe and that the evidence showed this incident was unrelated to our products - that’s why we’ve taken the difficult decision to appeal Justice Rothman’s decision.

In more than 50 years of operations in Australia, KFC has no recorded instances of anyone other than the Samaan family contracting a serious illness as a result of eating our food.'

It is compulsory in NSW, QLD and VIC for licensed food venues to have at least one trained food safety supervisor.

From: Today Tonight, 2nd May 2012.