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List of Shame for those falling short on Food Safety

LOADS of fines were dished out to 56 businesses across Sydney’s inner west last year as the NSW Food Authority publicly outed the food retail outlets for doing the wrong thing.

The name and shame register is a list most restaurants try to avoid but thousands of dollars in fines were issued to local businesses, including repeat offenders, throughout 2016.

Inspectors from local councils have been checking temperature control, food handling techniques, waste-disposal practices and presence of pests in a bid to improve safety standards.

A total of 24 businesses were hit with fines by Inner West Council, 14 by Strathfield Council, 10 from Burwood Council and eight from Canada Bay Council.

Penalty notices issued to restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops, fast-food outlets and supermarkets for various food safety breaches ranged in fines from $440 to $880.

McDonalds Stanmore was the worst offender. It was hit with a $24,000 fine in total for unacceptable food practices, including failing to prevent the likelihood of contamination and using unclean equipment. Burwood had the most repeat offenders.

An Indian restaurant was handed five fines worth a total of $4180 for failing to maintain premises and equipment in a good working order and required standard of cleanliness, not storing food in a protected area and failing to ensure a food safety supervisor was appointed.

A Chinese restaurant at Burwood collected five penalty infringement notices and was told to pay $4400.

Nine businesses across the inner west were fined for the presence of pests including mice, rats, cockroaches and flies or harbourage of vermin activity.

To view the register, visit foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/penalty-notices.


Source : Daily Telegraph, 23 March 2017