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Listeria Found at Brisbane Airport Catering Company

Dangerous bacteria was found on the kitchen equipment of an international catering company at Brisbane Airport, forcing it to close. The catering company provides thousand of in-flight meals.

Alpha Catering’s kitchen was immediately closed by Queensland Health & Brisbane City Council after Listeria was found in their kitchen.

Listeria is a serious bacteria, that can caused food poisoning, and is particularly dangerous to pregnant women as even a mild case can cause stillbirth, premature birth or miscarriage.

Meals are provided to Virgin Australia and Emirate by Alpha Catering, and a Virgin Australia spokeswoman stated that there have been no complaints of food poisoning from passengers.

Any meals that were potentially affected with the bacteria, were disposed of , said the Virgin Australia spokesperson.

The Alpha Catering kitchen was inspected by council officers and Queensland Health and an immediate suspension has been put in place for corrective actions to take place.

From: Brisbane Times 12th October 2012

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