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Lucky to be alive! A woman caught drink driving at eight times the limit!


=.425%  23 standard drinks

More than 8 time over the legal limit! This Southport woman is lucky to be alive according to the police who caught her with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) reading of 0.425. This is one of the highest recorded readings in Australia.

Worried members of the public altered the police around lunchtime after she drove to a local shop for snacks.

The police were shocked, and said that it would take a minimum of 23 standard drinks to register a reading that high.

A BAC reading of .25 to .34 and a person shouldn't be able to move or talk and would experience impaired consciousness according to medical studies. 

A reading over .35 and you are likely to fall into a coma due to significantly slowed heartbeat and respiration.

"At 0.425, she should be dead," police said. 

Source:  The Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin page 3, 12/5/12

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