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Making the most of busy days in your business

Being busy is a wonderful thing for your business but can often lead to chaos rather than profits!

With December being such a great month for sales, it is timely to remind ourselves with a quick checklist of how to make the most of it by preparing both the front and back of house to maximise sales, contain costs and avoid dramas.

  • One calendar   Ensure that there is one list of all the upcoming events that all staff can easily reference
  • Forecast busy days   Base it on other factors such as weather, what day of the week it is, local sporting events and so on.
  • Modify the menu during busy times   During busy times it may be pertinent to drop complicated food and cocktail items off the menu. This will result in much less stress in the kitchen and bar.
  • Fix the POS layout and bar layout for speed   Is it easy for the staff to modify an order or include add-ons? Many venues have a bar that was not designed by an experienced bar person so things may need to be moved around a little.
  • Payment options may need improving   Ensure that your card machines are state-of-the-art, wireless and above all efficient. Are you able to add Tap-and-pay?
  • Train for speed and accuracy  New staff need to practice over and over so that they can do it during busy periods with their eyes closed.
  • Work out your signals   When the rush does hit, many successful businesses adopt a slightly different workflow by using codes for shortcuts.
  • Pay a little more for the best staff   Think seriously about whether you can afford something extra for the best staff who will be on the busiest shifts. Perhaps to let them know that their hard work is recognised and appreciated you could hold a thank you party in the new year!
  • Division of labour   Having someone in these busy times who just clears and busses can prove invaluable to ensuring the smooth operation of your business and providing great service. It would be a great job for a trainee or junior!
  • Better queuing and wait systems   Do you need ropes to keep the line orderly or perhaps have a headset that connects the host with the supervisor on the floor? Most people will understand if there is a queue and it is organised and moving but if it is chaotic then they will most likely go elsewhere.
  • Keep building your list   So many new faces, many who may have never visited before! Encourage them to join your e-mail list, check-in on Facebook and post some photos on Instagram. It would be easy to forget these while you are so busy so perhaps upgrading the signage for the period would give plenty of reminders.


How to make the most of busy days in your business



Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 8 December 2014