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Maroubra Junction Hotel has strike removed

Maroubra Junction Hotel has been convicted in the Sydney District Court for selling liquor to a minor.
The minor in question was only able to show police, upon leaving  the bottleshop with alcohol, ID that indicated that he was only 17 and 5 months old

The NSW OLGR issued the hotel with a Strike for failing to ask minor for ID. The publican of the Maroubra Junction Hotel stated that on previous occasions, the minor was able to produce ID that indicated he was over 18 and that he felt that if he continued to ask him it would ‘cause embarrassment and annoyance.’
The minor did admit he ‘may’ hold a different form of ID.

The strike, however, has now been removed due to the fact that the minor had been able to produce ID to the bottleshop  manager prior to the incident. In order for a conviction to be recorded, the term ‘immediately before it’ would need to be inserted.

From: The Hospitality Magazine 18 March 2013