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New drink havens to ban troublemakers

A major overhaul of  Queensland's drinking culture will be spearheaded by a massive police blitz on new designated pub club zones across the state.

The Bligh Government's response to the year-long inquiry into alcohol-fuelled violence will also allow police to exclude troublemakers from so-called Drink Safe Precincts, where partygoers will enjoy new special safe zones............

Fun Police

  • Drink Safe Precincts to be introduced in Fortitude Valley, Surfers Paradise and Townsville
  • Precincts to have safe zones for people who have had too much to drink, or are experiencing harassment or violence
  • Police numbers in the precincts to be boosted by 39%
  • Troublemakers to be banned from precincts
  • Pubs and clubs forced to offer free drinking water to patrons

Source: The Sunday Mail page 4 August 29 2010 to read RSA article in full click on attachments.

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