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No alcohol on Manly ferries!

An application by the Harbour City Ferries to serve alcohol on the Manly ferry has been rejected by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA).

The ILGA ruled that, despite many of their arguments being accepted as valid, it felt that the arguments to reject the appllication were stronger, particularly with regard to the impact it may have on other passengers and commuters.

The ILGA argued that "groups of drinkers talking loudly, laughing, burping, yelling, screeching, arguing, spilling their drinks or harassing others" were all very likely social impacts of allowing alcohol on the Manly ferry. They said that this would most certainly adversely affect the many passengers and commuters who were not drinking alcohol.

HCF had sought to serve alcohol on the upper deck of the Manly ferry on normal services between noon and 9.15pm seven days a week and on chartered non-commuter services from noon to midnight Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 10pm on Sundays. They argued that polls that they had conducted showed that the majority of people supported the service of alcohol on ferries.

Sydney City Council had concerns about how many patrons wou7ld drink alcohol on a commuter run and how they would realistically be able to contain drinking alcohol to the upper deck. The council also indicated its concern over the lack of information about the types of food that were available on board with regard to the responsible service of alcohol.

A spokeswoman for the Harbour City Ferries said that the decision was "inconsistent and concerning", given that liquor licences are held by operators of the fast ferry services in Manly.

Members of Manly Council's community safety committee were largesly opposed to the application.




Source  :  The Daily Telegraph, 27 August 2014